Texas Medicaid Provides Better Health Outcomes

Healthier. Happier. Smarter.


As a result of Texas’ transition to Medicaid managed care, millions of Texans—including children and pregnant moms—see improved outcomes and increased access to preventive and timely care.

As A Result of Medicaid Managed Care:

of expecting moms receive timely prenatal care

Prior to Medicaid managed care, less than 15% received timely care

decrease in the number of preventable emergency room visits since 2013

of Texas children receive at least one doctor’s visit a year

Prior to Medicaid managed care, less than 25% received recommended services

Helps more older Texans and Texans with disabilities live independently in their own homes, reducing the need for nursing home stays

Reduced hospital stays and ER visits by keeping Texas families healthier and out of the hospital

Managed care significantly reduced hospital stays for expensive chronic diseases by 35%

Reduced ER visits in STAR Kids by 6% in the first year of the program

Managed care reduced preventable ER visits for children with disabilities and complex medical needs

“Medicaid Managed Care is a critical program in Texas that has both saved taxpayers money and improved health outcomes.”

– Gov. Greg Abbott

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