The Story of How Texas Medicaid Coordinate Care for Children with Unique Medical Needs

Bryce was born a healthy baby but at about three-and-a-half months, he suffered his first seizure. He was diagnosed with Menkes disease—a fatal, neurodegenerative condition. Despite predictions that he might not live to his first birthday, today he is almost five years old.

Cook Children’s Health Plan, acting for Texas Medicaid, has stepped in to help Bryce and his family. This includes purchasing essential care supplies and equipment, like a specialized stroller, that allow the Bells to care for Bryce at home, surrounded by people he loves.

His care coordinator, Beth Fortner, not only helps the family get essential supplies but also works to make sure they have the support and nursing needed. Together, they are providing the best possible care for Bryce and are doing it at home.

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