The Story of How Texas Medicaid Helps Make Every Moment Count

Most moms have lengthy to-do lists. School activities, birthday parties, sports games, and more. But for El Paso mom Cori, the number one item on her to-do list never changes: spend as much quality time with her son as possible. For Cori, who has multiple, serious health conditions, the future is uncertain. Cori was recently diagnosed with early onset dementia – an extremely rare diagnosis for someone her age. The diagnosis came on top of a number of other serious health issues, including PTSD and epilepsy. The tasks of finding the right specialists and mental health therapists seemed overwhelming. Above all, she wanted to make every moment count with her son.

So when Cori’s Texas Medicaid nurse care manager with Superior HealthPlan, Rhonda, suggested Cori begin writing down important memories for her son in a journal, Cori was thrilled with the idea and began doing so immediately. It has made a tremendous difference in Cori’s life. Cori now regularly logs the most special and important memories from each year of her life, and she has asked family members to contribute as well. Cori says that, “writing down the story of my life will allow me to leave something for my son.”

During an uncertain time in her life, Cori says her “saving grace” has been her Texas Medicaid nurse care manager, Rhonda, who has been a constant and reliable presence in her life – coordinating her care and helping her live the fullest life possible. Watch Cori’s story to learn how Texas Medicaid is there for families – helping them make every moment count.

“I am thankful for Rhonda at Superior HealthPlan because she has, without even realizing it, she’s changed my life for the better in so many ways. She has put a light in my life when there was pitch black and I didn’t even know where to reach my hand out to find anybody to help – that’s why I’m grateful for her.” 

– Cori

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