The Story of How Texas Medicaid Coordinates Care for Children with Complex Medical Needs

Faith, an 11-year-old Texan born with multiple complex medical needs, depends on Texas Medicaid for around-the-clock specialty care and support. Texas Medicaid covers Faith’s medical expenses, coordinates care for her complex medical needs and helps her stay as healthy and independent as possible — all while providing caring support for her family.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas provides one-on-one caring support for Faith and her family, helping to  coordinate every aspect of her complex care with the help of nurse care coordinator Leigh Cox, who walks the family through every step of what can be a complicated and overwhelming health care system — both in and out of the doctor’s office.

“What Blue Cross has done is added a second advocate — they’ve added a service coordinator in to be there for you all the time, to be on call for you, whatever your needs are.” – Gina Ruiz, Faith’s Mom

Faith, and the thousands of Texas children who live with complex medical needs, are the reason nurse care coordinators like Leigh devote their lives to serving these young Texans through the Texas Medicaid program.

“As far as being with Blue Cross goes, as far as knowing Leigh’s there as my service coordinator — peace, there’s peace there.” – Gina Ruiz, Faith’s Mom

Texas Medicaid is more than just health coverage for Faith— it is tailored care and support that goes beyond the walls of a doctor’s office.

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