The Story of How Texas Medicaid Coordinates Care for Children with Unique Medical Needs

Rowan Holler was born three years ago on what was the happiest day in her mother Kate’s life, but for Kate, that day soon turned into a “nightmare” full of uncertainty and fear. Doctors told Kate that Rowan was born with an extremely severe skin condition called epidermolysis bullosa, in which a light touch or contact with clothing can cause blisters or wounds.

In the NICU, even the gentle sensors they placed on Rowan’s tiny body tore her skin. When Rowan was eventually discharged from the hospital, staff told Kate that Rowan would need to be bandaged from the neck down at all times and have her bandages changed daily. Kate was devastated and didn’t know where to begin to learn how to provide care for her daughter.

That’s when the Texas Medicaid Superior HealthPlan stepped in to help the Holler family. Rowan’s care coordinator, Amanda Underwood, immediately began connecting the Hollers with the resources and services they needed to provide the best quality of life possible for Rowan. Through Texas Medicaid and Superior, Rowan was able to visit a clinic in Denver that specializes in Rowan’s disorder and is crucial to maintaining her health. Amanda also worked to provide therapeutical clothing for Rowan to help protect her skin.

Texas Medicaid may serve millions of Texans, but it is carefully designed to match caring, dedicated professionals with each client so that the care they receive is personalized and tailored. The care and support provided by Texas Medicaid care coordinators like Amanda is invaluable for families facing unique, complex medical situations.

Today, the team in Denver coordinates with Rowan’s Texas doctors to ensure her care is seamless and that her family is constantly updated on the latest research and treatments for her condition. The work Amanda and the team at Superior HealthPlan did to secure the highly-specialized clothing, which is made only in the United Kingdom, has been one of the most important breakthroughs for Rowan. The clothing gives Rowan more freedom from bandages and additional mobility. The clothing, the specialist in Denver and the overall care and support coordinated by Superior HealthPlan have made a huge difference in Rowan and the Holler’s lives, knowing their precious daughter can move around more safely and do more of the same things her 3-year-old peers can.

Learn how Texas Medicaid provides the personalized care and support Texas children like Rowan need to have the best quality of life possible.

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