The Story of How Texas Medicaid Provides School-to-Work Transition Experience for Young Texans With Disabilities

Texas Medicaid managed care plan UnitedHealthcare partners with Project SEARCH to coordinate internships for Young Texans with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These interns gain valuable school-to-work transition experience working alongside UnitedHealthcare employees who show them what to expect in the workplace.

“It’s an everyday reminder why we do what we do.” – Sandy Needler, UnitedHealthcare Rehabilitation Employment Manager

From working in the mail room to learning the day-in and day-out operations of one of the largest health plans in Texas, Project SEARCH interns have the opportunity to experience all aspects of the industry and learn more about becoming employed once they graduate from school.

“I feel really good being in this position. I can communicate well with my coworkers and ask them questions on stuff that I do not understand. I get the help I need and everything works out good.” – Billeh Tubea, Fulfillment Clerk, Former Project SEARCH Intern at UnitedHealthcare

With over 48 individuals coming through the Project SEARCH program at UnitedHealthcare, health plan employees and Project SEARCH interns learn from one another, fostering a great workplace where all can thrive.

“Having the Project SEARCH interns, it was educational for all of us on both ends. Lifting them up, they were lifting us up as well.” – Luquina Jones-Bates, UnitedHealthcare Technical Operations Manager

Watch now to learn how Texas Medicaid is investing in the future of Texas by helping Young Texans with disabilities gain meaningful employment in the work place.

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