The Story of How Texas Medicaid Helps Texans with Disabilities Live Independently at Home and in Their Communities

In 1981, Joseph “Joe” Kegg suffered a life-altering auto accident that put him in a coma for three months. As a result of suffering a traumatic brain injury, Joe experienced short-term memory impairment and loss – conditions that stay with him to this day. Joe’s sister, Judy Kegg, became Joe’s primary caregiver as he needs around-the-clock care.

In 2010, Judy was at a loss on how to further care for Joe and his needs. Due to these issues and increased financial difficulties, Judy was forced to place Joe in a nursing home.

That’s when Texas Medicaid managed care stepped in. “UnitedHealthcare definitely stepped in at a time when I was really confused about which way to turn and what to do about how to take care of someone with special needs that needed me to be present every day.” – Judy Kegg, Joe’s Sister

UnitedHealthcare, his Medicaid managed care plan – not only provided one-on-one care and support for Joe, but also helped Judy navigate a complicated long-term care system to receive the care and assistance Joe needed to move back home.

With the help of Katie, his personal UnitedHealthcare Nurse Service Coordinator, Joe receives the attendant services and care he needs to to stay healthy, live at home and stay active in his community.

Texas Medicaid also provides respite services for Judy so that she can have a break and time away from being a caregiver. These services have given Katie “peace of mind”  that her brother Joe is taken care of and can live safely at home with her.

“Whatever we need our needs are taken care of. And it’s so much better to have him at home than in a nursing home.” – Judy Kegg, Joe’s Sister

“Texas Medicaid works cause without it Joe would just fall through the cracks of society and wouldn’t be able to live a full and enriched life.” – Katie Earlywine, RN, Service Coordinator, UnitedHealthcare

Learn how Texas Medicaid helps Texans with disabilities like Joe live the fullest life possible independently in their own homes and communities.

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