Texas Medicaid Works for the Aldaco Family

Juggling the needs of two children with special needs can be daunting. Texas Medicaid is helping single father Julio do just that. His care coordinator from Superior Health Plan helped connect the family to resources to meet basic needs and connected Julio to additional support so he can spend quality time with both his son and daughter.

His son, Troy, is autistic, nonverbal, and has intellectual disability and behavioral disorders. His daughter, Trinity, also experiences behavior disorders. 

Toni Rivera who is a care coordinator from Superior Health Plan helps Julio tackle the challenges presented by caring for two children with special needs. When the family was struggling to have heat in the home, she helped them find a heater. 

Both children benefit from medication and therapy. Through care coordination, each child receives speech, occupational and physical therapy. These services are paying off both at home and at school. 

Knowing that she makes a difference is a rewarding part of the job for Rivera. “When you do good for someone, you feel it 10 times,” she said. Julio expressed his appreciation. “I want to thank Superior for everything they’ve done for us. Thanks to them, our future is a lot brighter.”

Texas Medicaid helps many families like Julio’s. Managed care coordinators like Toni look at the needs of the whole person and help find comprehensive solutions for individuals and families. 

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