The Story of How Texas Medicaid Helps the Jones Family Cross More Finish Lines Together

Texas Medicaid goes the distance for families. Twenty years ago, Michelle Jones gave birth to her son Charlie, who came into the world 3 months prematurely. Charlie was born with multiple, complex health conditions, but also a fighting spirit and a will to live life to the fullest. With more than 100 surgeries performed in just the first two years of Charlie’s life, coordinating and paying for his life-saving care tested the Jones family in every way.

It wasn’t until Texas Medicaid health plan Driscoll entered their lives, that Michelle and her family had a steady, reliable source of support and someone to coordinate all of Charlie’s complex layers of care. As soon as she was assigned to the Jones family, Carol, a nurse care coordinator with Driscoll, nurse care began getting to know Charlie and his family and providing caring, one-on-one support to the entire family. Carol has helped and continues to help coordinate every aspect of Charlie’s complex care – both in and out of the doctor’s office.

Today, Charlie and his family are stronger and closer than ever. When Texas Medicaid stepped in and began coordinating care, Michelle and her husband finally could spend more time focusing on their family and spending quality time together. To that end, five years ago the Jones family started the non-profit organization, “myTEAM TRIUMPH: Wings of Texas,” in Corpus Christi as a way to lead healthier lives, get Charlie involved, and meet others in the community with disabilities or special needs. Wings of Texas makes it possible for athletes with disabilities to participate in 5K and 10K runs, and even triathlons. Charlie and his fellow athletes serve as captains and they are teamed up with “angels” who have traded in their wings for running shoes. The Jones family, Carol, other team members from Driscoll, and the local community join the race every year to help Charlie and other Texans with disabilities cross the finish line and celebrate with their families.

Watch now to learn how Texas Medicaid has gone the distance for Charlie and the Jones family so they can continue logging more miles and crossing more finish lines together.

“Texas Medicaid works for my family because without it, Charlie wouldn’t have the life that he has, he wouldn’t have the ability to stay at home and to thrive and to be a part of the community. He has changed so many lives, and part of that is because of Texas Medicaid.” 

– Michelle Jones, Charlie’s Mom

“Texas Medicaid works because it allows person-centered care. Every member that I see receives an individual plan of care that enables them to live in the least restricted environment possible.” 

– Carol, Driscoll Health Plan Service Coordinator

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