The Story of How Texas Medicaid Advocates for its Members

This summer, Dominic DeLeon experienced something his family waited five years to share with him – his very first birthday party. Dominic has battled complex health conditions and setbacks since he was only four months old. He has never been well enough for a birthday party – until this year. His family is so proud of their beautiful son and the many hurdles he has overcome. His mother, Lorena, fights for Dominic every day, and, thanks to her family’s Driscoll Medicaid plan, she knows someone is on their team – “somebody who’s always there for you.”

Texas Medicaid provides one-on-one caring support to help Dominic stay as healthy as possible by covering his medical expenses and coordinating every aspect of his complex care – both in and out of the doctor’s office.

Lorena says their Driscoll Medicaid nurse care coordinator, Carol, has been a constant in their life, helping the family coordinate every layer of care. Last year, Dominic made his first trip out of town when the family evacuated in the days leading up to Hurricane Harvey’s landfall. Carol called Lorena every day during and after their evacuation to check on Dominic and ensure he had everything he needed, including back-up power for his ventilator during a 5-day power outage.

Through postponed birthday parties, hurricanes and more, Texas Medicaid has been a steady, reliable presence in the lives of Dominic and his family. Learn more about how Texas Medicaid is there when families need it most.

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