The Story of How Texas Medicaid Keeps Young Texans Healthy at Home and in the Community

“If it weren’t for Medicaid, Daniel wouldn’t be here.”

Debbie Wiederhold is certain that without the caring support of Texas Medicaid, her son wouldn’t be here with his family today. Daniel, who was born with a rare and life-threatening disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type II, depends on Medicaid to cover his medical expenses, coordinate his complex medical needs and keep him healthy.

But Texas Medicaid is more than health coverage—it also helps young Texans like Daniel live independently at home and in their communities. Daniel needs around-the clock nursing care, but that doesn’t stop him from doing what he loves. With the help of his Texas Medicaid team from UnitedHealthcare, Daniel lives at home with his family, keeps a busy social calendar and stays active in the community. Through STAR+PLUS Medicaid managed care, UnitedHealthcare provides the daily care and specialized medical equipment that allows Daniel to go out to eat, spend time with friends and participate in his Central Texas community’s events, such as the United Partner’s (UP) program arts and crafts meetups at a local church.

Daniel’s Texas Medicaid coordinator, Carrie, not only coordinates his in-home, around-the-clock nursing care, but also secures highly-specialized medical equipment for Daniel to help him be active and live independently. The ability to live at home and stay connected to his community is critical to Daniel’s happiness, well-being and outlook on life.  

For Debbie, seeing her son happy and hanging out with friends brings her great joy and reminds her how far she and Daniel have come. Texas Medicaid has had a lasting and meaningful impact on Debbie and Daniel’s lives. Debbie says, “Knowing that Daniel is going to be taken care of… helps to ease my mind and ease my heart.”

Learn how today’s Texas Medicaid is a person-centered health insurance program that delivers innovative solutions to help young Texans like Daniel stay healthy, live independently in their homes and be active members of their communities.

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