The Story of How Texas Medicaid Marches Alongside You

Meet Jordan Scott from McAllen, Texas. Jordan recently began his freshman year at Texas State University – an extraordinary achievement for this young Texan who was diagnosed shortly after birth with cerebral palsy. Jordan, a National Honor Society Scholar, has never let his diagnosis hold him back. And the Texas Medicaid STAR Kids program has been there at every turn, working with him and his mother to overcome hurdles at school and make the path to achieving his lifelong goals a smooth and accessible one.

As a McAllen high school student and member of the marching band, Jordan wanted to ride the bus with his fellow classmates to and from activities and events. But what sounded like a simple wish was, in fact, not so so straightforward. Jordan needs a wheelchair lift to ride the school bus and at the time, the bus used by his classmates and bandmates did not have one. Jordan was not deterred. His Texas Medicaid UnitedHealthcare school liaison stepped in and worked with Jordan, his mother, and the school to have the bus and school retrofitted for wheelchair access, so he could fully participate with his classmates and the marching band. Not only did Jordan achieve his goal of riding the bus, he also went on to accomplish an even bigger goal of walking across the stage for his induction into the National Honor Society. Through specialized physical therapy sessions coordinated by his UnitedHealthcare care coordinators and his therapists, Jordan worked hard to successfully walk across the stage and accept this prestigious honor.

“We have been given a lot of opportunities and it’s because of Managed care, it’s because of Medicaid, it’s because of Milestones and UnitedHealthcare. It really does take a village, it’s not something that I could have done on my own and Jordan is as successful as he is because he has a strong team of people around him, supporting him, cheering him on, advocating for him and we are very grateful.” 

– Jordan’s Mom

Watch now to learn how Texas Medicaid marches alongside Jordan and the hundreds of thousands of Texas students it serves – helping achieve personal goals, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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