The Story of How Texas Medicaid Provides Caring Support for Older Texans and Their Families When They Need it Most

Rob Casias works two jobs in Austin and manages to travel to San Antonio four times a week to spend time with his beloved mother, Mary. When Rob’s mother, Mary, suffered a severe stroke leaving her paralyzed and unable to speak, the changes left Rob and his family with many challenges and difficult decisions. Rob was at a loss as to where to even begin to secure long-term care for Mary. The layers of paperwork and complex health care system was daunting.

That’s when Diana, his mother’s caring Medicaid nurse from Superior HealthPlan, stepped in – not only to provide one-on-one support for Mary, but to also help Rob navigate a complicated long-term care system and make important decisions about how to ensure the best care possible for his mother. With Diana’s help, Rob secured admission for his mother into a high-quality nursing home, where she is making good progress, receiving excellent care, and learning to speak again.

“I appreciate all that Diana did for me and I thank her because at a time when I needed someone the most to help me make that important decision of where my mother would be placed and what would be best for her, she helped me make what I think was the best choice I made for my mother.” 

– Rob Casias, Mary’s Son

Texas Medicaid provides vital long-term care coverage for more than 60% of older Texans. Nursing home care is expensive. Without Medicaid, reliable, long-term care would simply be out of reach and too expensive for many older Texans.

But, Texas Medicaid also goes beyond providing traditional health care for older Texans and their families – it also coordinates care and helps navigate challenges – providing support and assistance from caring, responsible nurse coordinators who walk families through every step of what can be a complicated and overwhelming health care system.

Learn the story of how Texas Medicaid provides caring support for older Texans and their families when they need it most.

“It’s not just a customer service, it was the compassionate customer service and care Diana showed.”

– Rob Casias, Mary’s son

“When you become a nurse, you become a nurse because you want to help people, because you want to make a difference. Whenever I help somebody I really feel great because I know I made a difference in their lives.”

– Diana Nunez, Superior Health Plan Nurse Coordinator

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