The Story of How Medicaid Walks a Family Through Every Step of the Health Care System

Twenty years ago, Michelle Jones gave birth to her son Charlie at only 24 weeks. Charlie came into the world with multiple, complex health conditions, but also a fighting spirit and a will to live life to the fullest. With more than 100 surgeries performed in just the first two years of Charlie’s life, coordinating and paying for his life-saving care tested the Jones family in every way. It was not until Texas Medicaid Health Plan Driscoll entered their lives, that Michelle and her family had a steady, reliable source of support that helped them overcome roadblocks, secure the right equipment, and coordinate every aspect of Charlie’s complex care. Perhaps most importantly, the Driscoll service coordinator assigned to their family, Carol, provided one-on-one emotional support and peace of mind – reassuring the Jones family that she there for them at any time, just a phone call away, to help them navigate challenges and get them through difficult times. Today, Driscoll has ensured that every doctor and individual who handles Charlie’s care communicates with each other to make his care as seamless and tailored as possible. Driscoll has partnered with local organizations to help Charlie become an active member of the community, enjoying field trips with peers to the aquarium and more.

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